Giorgio de Chirico: Myth and Mystery at the Estorick

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 The Estorick Collection is known for its collection of major Italian works – it’s the only gallery in Britain devoted to modern Italian art.

Take a visit this month to the Giorgio de Chirico exhibition, which brings together many of the visionary artist’s wonderful, surreal pieces for the first time in this city. De Chirico anticipated the Surrealist aesthetics of artists like Dali by many years with his strange, unsettling paintings and sculptures. Myth and Mystery illuminates the artist’s fascination with classical mythology and it is a real treat to see so many of his beautiful and weird figures (resembling something between shop dummies and robots) collected in one place.

Interesting to note is that many of these figures are taken directly from earlier paintings, as de Chirico breathed new, animated life into figures that had been haunting his art for years.