How to find your ideal student accommodation

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How to find your ideal student accommodation

You’ve made it! All that college or A-Level studying has finally paid off, and you’re about to embark on your exciting university adventure. As well as buying cooking equipment and deciding how to decorate your new room, you’ll also have to decide where you are going to live.

Choosing your accommodation is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make before you start your course. University-managed halls, a student house, private student developments or staying at home; there really is an abundance of choices available. To help you untangle your options, we’ve outlined the pros and cons for each.

Student Halls

University-managed halls of residence are a halfway home between living with your parents and total independence. You’ll have your own room on campus and access to a thriving social scene - all without the hassle of bills or long journeys to lectures. There are downsides to be considered though - living with up to 15 people can be very messy, food can (and will) go missing, and noise can be an issue. Living in halls can be a lot of fun but you need to consider whether it's the right environment for you.


  • Easy to meet new people
  • Close to campus
  • Cleaners usually provided


  • Sharing kitchen and bathroom with lots of people
  • Not choosing who you live with
  • Students can be a noisy bunch!

Private Student House

For some, staying in a private rental property makes the most sense for them. If you’re a mature student or somebody that has a clear idea of what they want, private rental may be best for you. Living in a shared house allows you the freedom to  choose exactly where and who you live with. There are lots of options and there’s plenty of flexibility in the private sector. What's more, having a living room will make you the envy of your course mates who are living in halls.

With this greater freedom though of choice comes additional responsibility. Possibly for the first time ever, you’ll have to manage your bills and budget accordingly, deal with your landlord and keep the house clean and stocked with food. Also, you’ll likely be further away from campus than you would be if you lived halls, so will have additional travel time and costs to consider.


  • Complete freedom to choose who you live with
  • Flexibility to live where you want


  • Managing bills and dealing with the landlord
  • No cleaners
  • Not always close to uni

Private Student Developments

Still want the freedom of the private sector, but with the benefits of halls? A student living complex may be just what you’re after. This option is a similar setup to university-managed halls in that there will be no hassle with unexpected bills. You can still live with other students, and there are plenty of great locations available. They are usually a great deal more modern, stylish and better kitted out than the university halls.

In a private student development, you can enjoy the student lifestyle but with added perks and additional comforts. Some have access to state-of-the-art gym and fitness centres, on-site laundry facilities, and dedicated maintenance teams as well impressive communal areas featuring games rooms, study areas, computer spaces and beautiful outside courtyards.


  • Beautiful locations - built with students in mind so near to campus, shops and local hotspots
  • Modern and attractive living quarters
  • Communal areas to enjoy with other students
  • Built for purpose study areas
  • All the benefits of communal student living in a nicer, more contemporary environment


  • Costlier than staying in halls

Living at home

If you’re going to uni in your hometown, living at home might be for you. You won’t have to move, you’ll reduce your costs and, if you’re lucky, will have your cooking and washing done for you. However, choosing this option will limit the freedom you can enjoy at university. Whilst you’ll enjoy home comforts and having more money, you’ll have less independence as you’ll still be living under your parents' roof. You may also find it difficult travelling to lectures and seminars, and it may be harder to integrate with other students.


  • A lot cheaper
  • No hassle of moving
  • No rent, cooking or cleaning (or not as much anyway)


  • Less independence
  • Harder to mix with other students
  • Travel to campus may be tiring

Pure Student Living

At Pure Student Living, we provide full-inclusive stylish student accommodation including 24/7 security, gyms, on-site laundry plus a great community feel too. Take a look our properties!